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ABCOTS Inaugural Think Tank Session

4 December 2022

Participate in Service of Diaconate Ordination

Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church

Greenville, North Carolina

cornerstone dec 4.jpg
cornerstone dec 4.jpg


4 December 2022

Preaching Church’s 141st  Anniversary of Organization

Main Street Baptist Church    Smithfield, Virginia


16-17 November 2022

ABCOTS Board of Directors Meeting (virtual)

 10 November 2022

Participate in first Board Meeting of CCDM (virtual)


30 October 2022

Preaching Church’s  150th Anniversary of Organization

Jerusalem Baptist Church, Norfolk, Virginia

29 October 2022

Community-Wide Event
  “Cultivating a Healthy Commuity”

Main Street Baptist Church, Smithfield, Virginia

23 October 2022

Pastoral Installation

First Baptist Church, Hampton, Virginia

1 October 2022

Church Presentation

Wainwright Baptist Church,  Charles Town, West Virginia


21-23 September 2022

American Baptist Home Mission Societies

“Space for Grace”

Kansas City, Missouri 

space for grace1.jpg

3 September 2022

Church Leaders Consultation:
Organizing for Pastor-Search

Wainwright Baptist Church,  Charles Town, West Virginia


28 August 2022

Celebrating 31 Years of Pastoral Ministry

Dr. Fred Davis
First Calvary Baptist Church,  Durham, North Carolina

Aug 28.jpg
Aug 28.jpg

27 August 2022

Ordination Council with

Shiloh Baptist Church   Norfolk, Virginia

Zion Baptist Church   Portsmouth, Virginia

13-14 August 2022


Leadership Development Exercise:
“Leading and Re-imagining Change in a Post-Pandemic Church”

Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church

Greenville, North Carolina

Aug 13.jpg

28 May 2022

Pre-Pastoral Installation Banquet

Mount Calvary Baptist Church,  Rockville, Maryland

may 28.jpg
may 28.jpg

Connecting ABCOTS during COVID 19
Join Weekly Zoom calls with ABCOTS Executive Minister Dr. Harrison
Tuesdays at 11 AM EST
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 929 6541 9729   Password: 6Qi4WF

Contact Executive Minister 
Tel: 443.551.3045   


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