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 ABCOTS is a Maryland non-profit corporation associated as a covenanting Regional organization with the American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. (ABC-USA), and with other covenanting American Baptist Regions and the covenanting ABC-USA National Bodies.

WELCOME to the American Baptist Churches of the South, (ABCOTS), and our Website.  We are elated and pleased to have you view us at this time.  See us in Missions, Evangelism and Denominational Work, supporting the local congregations serving the District of Columbia and 15 states throughout the southern United States. Join us in reaching the world for Christ believing and perpetuating His identity, His message and His ministry! 


Pictures from Annual Session
Thank you for your participation in our
ABCOTS 46th Annual Session.

Your contribution, service and support helped make
our annual meeting a success.
Thank you and may God’s richest blessings be bestowed upon you.

 In God’s grace
Dr. Lacey Speight Alford, President
Dr. James Mitchell Harrison, Executive Minister

Theme: "Potent Faith Yields Potent Service"
Scripture: Mark 9: 14-29 (KJV)


Message from the ABCOTS President

Greetings on behalf of the American Baptist Churches of the South (ABCOTS). We are a Region of the American Baptist Churches, USA, and we serve a unique and creative witness in the South, speaking to the need for increased unity, acceptance and trust among all people.Our purpose is to join God in mission in the world, as we bear witness to God's redemptive love, call people and nations to discipleship, and participate in God's action of liberation and reconciliation. We affirm that mission is the work of God. It springs from God's initiative, is guided by God's spirit, and is accomplished through God's power. As president of ABCOTS, I invite you to explore our website, here you can learn ways to support our ministry and mission. Also, if you desire to locate specific churches in the Region you will find them on the website.
Lacey Speight Alford   

Message and Note from the ABCOTS Executive Minister


Embrace Change with Passion!

 How much control do we really have over change in our individual lives, our churches, denomination or communities?  Growth in our churches, denomination, and communities, or the lack thereof, or even the speed with which either happens seems to be completely out of our control.  Indeed, it probably is out of our control and what if anything can we do about it?  We may not be able to control change around us but we can control and manage how we feel about that change, how we accept that change, and how we ready ourselves for it.  To embrace change, and just suppose this change manifests itself in growth or the lack of growth, really has to do with my own capacity to suffer through it.  This is what I refer to as embracing change with passion.   We must enlarge and broaden our capacity to suffer through such change. 

 We are a denomination of primarily traditional churches.  We have consistently held to traditional family values, and worship practices.  Any acceptance of change in the churches and denomination has to be dealt with on at least two levels, that is, as a corporate body or bodies, and as individuals.  The same issues make challenges for us as corporate bodies and as individuals in the churches and denomination.  All of these challenges must be approached with faith.  “For we walk by faith and not by sight” (II Corinthians 5:7).  It takes faith to suffer through it.

 Change ignites fears of the unknown.  Many of us become power brokers in our various contexts and a loss of power may come with change.  Additionally, we develop our routines and do not want them altered in any way ----we fear potential failure if we are called to re-tool.  Fear is the real enemy to our embracing change in positive ways.  A large portion of my life is merely managing change or presiding over change internally and externally.  So I must manage it or preside over it with passion.  Passion speaks to my capacity or ability to suffer through change.  Herein is my struggle, suffering through it.

My commitment to the church or the denomination is realized when I engage to struggle at understanding the need for change to occur.  Additionally, I must engage to struggle at understanding my fears, and other people’s fears or why people naturally resist change.  So when I hesitate or seem indecisive on any matter of change it’s not that my magic has failed----I’m just trying to understand your fears and sometimes my own fears.  What must we do to embrace change with passion?  We must always look for new opportunities and new ways to do ministry.  What is it that we can contribute to this community/church that others may not be contributing?  While embracing change with passion, we must finally use our past service records to stabilize and strengthen our thoughts and ideas moving toward a promising future.  Consider what has worked well for us in the past.  Perhaps that’s a starting point.  What are we willing to suffer for in our present leading the way to our future?  My generation always thought our futures would be better, what are our expectations for a brighter tomorrow?  Embrace change, let’s suffer through it together!