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Organizational Change Announcement


The Changing Face of ABC-USA

Read about the changing face of ABC-USA. Click here for the PDF >>


to American Baptist Churches Of The South (ABCOTS) website. ABCOTS is a Maryland non-profit corporation associated as a covenanting Regional organization with the American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A. (ABC-USA), and with other covenanting American Baptist Regions and the covenanting ABC-USA National Bodies.

Thank You For Supporting ABCOTS at the 45th Annual Session
 See You Next Year

Message from the ABCOTS President

Coming to this position affords me a grand opportunity to welcome you to our website and to ABCOTS.  We are pleased to have you view us at this time in missions in denominational work, in our local congregations, in the 15 Southern states that make up the region and in the world as effective witnesses for Christ.  .  


Message from the ABCOTS Executive Minister

The 45th Annual Session of the American Baptist Churches of the South was held April 15 – 17, 2015 in Winston-Salem, NC.  The theme for this session is:
Unswerving Faithfulness To God." Thank you all for your support of our 45th Annual Session.