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Connecting ABCOTS during COVID 19
Join Weekly Zoom calls with ABCOTS Executive Minister Dr. Harrison
Tuesdays at 11 AM EST
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Meeting ID: 929 6541 9729

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Upcoming Zoom Calls


July 14 - Dr. Ricky Woods, Pastor First Baptist Church-West, Charlotte, NC - Leading Our Churches to Thrive during a Pandemic.


July 21 -  Rev. Maggie Lewis/Dr Willard Ashley  (Center for Career Development and Ministry)  - Addressing Mental Health Concerns.


July 28 - Dr. Patricia Murphy, Ecclesiastical Endorser, National Coordinator for Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counselors and Specialized Ministries.


August 4


August 11


August 18 - Rev. Maggie Lewis/Dr. Willard Ashley (Center for Career Development And Ministry)  - Addressing Mental Health Concerns.


August 25 - Dr. Eddie Cruz, Dr. Christine Rousch and Dr. Marvin McMickle.


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Suite 120
Baltimore, MD 21244-2568


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